Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Heinlein Business Plan Competition.

The Space Frontier Foundation is pleased to announce the 10 finalists for the Heinlein Business Plan Competition.

And the finalists are...
Aeronautic Enterprises
Aerospace Technologies
DDS, Inc
Flagsuit, LLC
Next Giant Leap
NoumeniaC, Inc.
PD Aerospace
Santa Clara Satellite
Syntiant Social Systems
Thunderbird Communication

Friday, June 26, 2009

“A Magnificent Desolation” By Dr Buzz Aldrin.

'Didn't you want to be first on the moon? To Make A Giant Leap for the Mankind,
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin has no regrets of being the second Human being on Moon.

Though being the youngest member of Crew with more extravehicular activity, and lots of uncertainty about landing, Who goes out and who stay in, but Logistic had made its choice. Lunar Landing craft’s hatch was located on Armstrong’s Side. So it will be cumbersome, dangerous to climb over Neil’s Head to take A Giant Leap for mankind.

A Magnificent Desolation is latest book by Dr Buzz Aldrin, where he share his truth and trouble about the post Apollo 11 life, ahead of the 40th anniversary next month and details his battles with depression, alcoholism and adjustment to post-Apollo life.

He also opens up about the great depression, of being alcoholic life after Apollo11, and finally how he managed to get rid of the habit and enjoyed the sobriety years.

Finally he did not forget to mentioned of being America should be first on Mars, before the Russian do. Lay down the renewed vigor of Space Race to Mars, but only on friendly turf.